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Our Projects

Projects List

No.Project NameBeneficiaryYear
1ect of build a 12-class school in AlSaad / Al-Qurna / Tender 16 / Education within the regions development
projects for the year 2008
Basra Governorate2009
2Project of constructing streets in the modern village, tender of 28 / municipalities within the regions development projects for the year 2007Basra Governorate2008
3Contract of concrete work to loading unit yard at Maysan RefinerySouth Refineries
4Demolition and rebuilding of Hammurabi School, 18 classrooms with 7 laboratories / tender / 1 / education – regional development projects for the year 2008Basra Governorate2012
5Project of health center rehabilitation in Al-UzairMaysan Health Department2012
6Demolishing and building schools and building additional classrooms in the Qurna district. No. (11) Tender No. 9/ EducationBasra Governorate2012
7Completion of a contract for several villages – Qalaat Saleh district, 11.5 km longDirectorate of Roads
and Bridges in May
8Construction of Beit Mutashar Road / length of 4,200 km in Nahr Saad area, Kumait districtMaysan Governorate2012
9Demolition of Sumer School and the construction of two 18-storey schools in Al-ZubairBasra Governorate2013
10Construction of Al-Shagamba Haji Onesi – River Al-Ezz roads, with a length of 8.5 kmBasra Governorate2013
11Construction of a group of roads of 2.75 km long, Beit Ghazil villageBasra Governorate2013
12Construction of secondary roads of 2.5 km in Al-Khaisat villageBasra Governorate2013